HAFCU.net is now AEROFED.net

Please update your bookmarks or type in "www.aerofed.net" in the future

What just happened?


hree years ago, in April of 2009, Honeywell Aerospace Federal Credit Union, or HAFCU, changed its name to AERO Federal Credit Union. As a result of the name change, the website address or domain name was changed to www.aerofed.net.

Where is the website now?

Since this domain is no longer actively used we are removing hyperlink access from this page. Please type in "www.aerofed.net" in your browser's address bar to access the AERO home page.

Why the change?

The change has been a long time coming. Since most of our members were accustomed to accessing their accounts via the www.hafcu.net domain name, it was prudent to maintain access for a period of time during the transition period. We felt that after 3 years members would have sufficient time to adjust to the different web address so we could then permanently retire the www.hafcu.net domain name.

Is anything different?

No, we are still the same great credit union you have been using for years. We are only now making the name change more visible to our membership with the introduction of this web page. Your credit union accounts and all other credit union services will continue to remain intact.

What do I do next?

If you typed www.hafcu.net into your browser and reached this page, simply make a mental note to type in www.aerofed.net in the future. If you used a desktop shortcut or internet "bookmark" or "favorite" to access the website, simply update the shortcut you used with the new address or delete it and recreate it using the www.aerofed.net address.

Thank you

We appreciate your understanding during the transition from Honeywell Aerospace Federal Credit Union (HAFCU) to AERO Federal Credit Union (AEROFED).

Please contact us with any questions or concerns at 623.334.4701